I’m not talking about your pigtails

but I’m talking ‘bout your sex appeal.

Yesterday evening, before hitting the asphalt back home, I visited the AH store beneath the parking-lot, where these two young people, armed with a video-camera and blossoming smiles, tried to capture passers-by.

Normally I would prefer having my head chopped off before … .

She didn’t have any pigtails, but, err well, you know, there was a welcoming sight: countenance and appearance!

She did have that kind of Lonneke Engel pinnule and posture. Not at all that perfect, so perchance even more graceful!

Reflecting on the subject I told them I really wasn’t the man they wanted. They acceded this truth quickly enough but we kept chatting for a while – both guy and girl very relaxed, noticeably enjoying their little project.

They probably have wiped this Ugly Faustus Face already, for all that!

A pleasant encounter.

This is a reprint from an entry written on Saturday, January 21, 2006.

Since then I am dragging this text along as my personal ‘Lorem Ipsum’.

Don’t ask me why.